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Client Network Events

Coming out to schools individually costs both us and the school to ship our trainers into your school. Our proposed 'Client Network Events' will however enable us to deliver training to more schools at a fraction of the cost.

We're proposing to organise a selection of regional events in central locations and invite you to come to us. We will provide training sessions on different topics throughout the day in addition to separate drop-in sessions with other support team members.

Come along and attend valuable training sessions on CPD, engage with other schools leaders and learn new ways in which you can share best practice through SWIFT and still retain the ability to speak with our support team and discuss your specific needs.

Practically, these events present a challenge in coordinating locations, committing to venue hire and planning popular training topics so we events will be subject finding suitable locations and subject matter.

If you would like to register your interest in being a part of a future Client Network Event then please fill in the form below or email us with details on how far you would be willing to travel and what subjects you would want to see covered. If we make it work then we will certainly coordinate events otherwise you can still bring us into your school at the low cost of £345 for a half day or £495 for a full day.

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