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Identifying Emerging Leaders - Train the Trainers

A two-day conference: January 2018.

Real attendee testimony...

"As the Principal of a former Federation of 2 primary schools, I worked closely with an external leadership consultant to build and develop an effective leadership team. I wanted to establish clearly defined distributed leadership and build leadership capacity for the future."

"The external consultant taught me how to identify motivational traits within my team then helped me to refine my coaching skills to develop each individual to build an effective team. Using these strategies, and continuing to work in partnership with this consultant, we built a highly effective team of leaders from the newly appointed and emerging leaders initially identified.


Recently both these schools joined a multi academy trust (MAT) and my role changed as I assumed greater responsibility for developing leadership in other schools. This was only possible as the leaders we had worked with were fully competent and capable of leading their respective schools and teams.


In my new role I knew that motivational mapping and coaching would be key strategies that would support leadership development within the wider MAT. Hence when the external consultant I had previously worked with offered the opportunity for some of the staff within the MAT to attend the ‘Train the Trainer’ conference and learn how to use these strategies I was keen to embrace this. I identified a core group for leaders and emerging leaders from across the organisation.


A group of 8 staff from our MAT attended the 2 day conference ‘Train the Trainers’ in January 2018. The days proved successful. The feedback from these staff was very positive and they are looking forward to utilising their training when they launch the programme later this month.  The Consultant is providing on-line support which will be available throughout the first phase of implementation.


I am confident that this programme will have a dual impact. Firstly, the leaders who attended the training, through their use of motivational traits and coaching skills, will gain so much personally. The skills they are acquiring and honing are excellent leadership development strategies that will have many generic applications over the course of their careers. The other positives will be for the staff within their schools that these ‘trainers’ identify and develop - as they each become more effective in their roles then their impact on the schools they work within can only build greater capacity and improve outcomes for the children and the school. After all that is what we are all about - better schools that give better outcomes for children!"


Testimonial from:

Mandy Pickles


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