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Everyone needs support but they don’t all necessarily need the same level of support. Part of our thinking in creating Mosaic is that each school should be free to choose the type of support they prefer and how much of it they take.

Our experience of working with thousands of professionals in education helps us understand how we can best support schools and we have created a menu of all the options available to you.

Possibly the most important of these is the Start Up Meeting. This enables us to get to know you a little better, understand where you want to get to, the way you work and the challenges you face. This enables us to make some recommendations for how you might achieve your goals and how we might help you.

Other options include remote training & support, in school training, Managed Services (we do the admin for you), remote reviews and Inspection Stress Testing which helps to ensure you are always ready for when the call comes.

Whatever your support needs are, Mosaic gives you the flexibility to create the programme you need and keep control of the finances

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