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If we consider the Refer a Friend competition as being about quantity, then this promotion is about quality.

We have recently sent you 5 Premium Referral Tickets offering you and your friends the ability to redeem significantly higher value rewards for successfully introducing new schools to purchase a Mosaic membership.

In addition to our standard referral discount we're offering premium gifts for you to claim against the first five schools you successfully introduce to join our network of best practice.

Premium gifts include:

  • A selection of premium gift baskets for both schools

  • A £10 Amazon gift card*

  • 30% off in school training*

  • A FREE 'Support Boost' (One remote review + 3 hours of telephone support)*

  • Plus our standard 10% referral discount credit

*For referring school only

As we've only provided a limited selection of these Premium tickets we recommend being a little more selective than with your refer a friend introductions and remember that this promotion is strictly time limited and those you introduce must reference your Premium Referral Ticket code so that you receive this special promotion.

For more information please feel free to contact the support line on 0845 4900 447 or email

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