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As the leader of a training school or trust, you will appreciate the additional challenges of administering and analysing central records for CPD, development plans or executive level performance objectives across multiple sites.

Equally, as a Mosaic member, you should already be aware of how easy similar processes can be managed within a single school. Well we would like to offer you a FREE central account to manage your high level overview and executive management needs.

Each trust lead school or training school can now claim a FREE central account in which you can log all available CPD, build distributed objectives or easily manage the performance management of other Headteachers. To help you in your implementation of this, we will also offer you five hours of FREE managed service time so that your colleagues can access a consistent, central space for collaborative improvement planning or booking on to the latest CPD event.

Is this confusing the matter by overlapping training schools and trusts into this one promotion?

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