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Dr. Max Coates, Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, University College London.

Dr. Max Coates was a secondary head for 12 years. He has s has worked for the University of Bristol Post Graduate School of Education and St. Mary’s University College.

For the last seven years he has led the MA in Leadership at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning (Institute of Education, University College London). He has worked extensively in the area of leadership and coaching both in the UK and internationally.

A recent  project is linked to raising educational achievement for 2.3 million children in Colombia. He has devised programmes for The Republic of Ireland and he is a visiting lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin. Published works include books on personalising learning, and citizenship and a recent book, The Constant Leader, which explores surviving and thriving in leadership. He was the editor of ‘Shaping a New Educational Landscape’ exploring future developments within education.  


He has recently been awarded a doctorate where the focus of his work was personal change and performance. He is a coach and psychotherapist.

Many schools are seeking to address wellbeing, but many of their strategies are either limited or simply react to problems. The thinking behind the Evaluation Framework is well researched and can be readily applied to the creation of a whole school culture which supports wellbeing and in turn achievement and other pressing issues such as staff recruitment and retention. Working with Bluewave Mosaic is a powerful mix of a clear developmental process allied to informed thinking by an established academic working for the university ranked number one in the world for education. 
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