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Managing the little pieces to build the bigger picture!

So, what is Mosaic?

It’s exactly what you think it is – a big picture made up of small parts. The big picture in this case is your school and the small parts are everything you do to make it what it is.

To build your own big picture, all you need is a Mosaic membership.

We know there are millions of products & services, strategies & initiatives and tools & templates. The problem is finding something to connect everything together, something which makes it easy to see the full impact of everything you do as an individual, as a school and as a Trust.

That ‘something to connect everything together’ is our software Bluewave SWIFT, but more than that, it’s the only award-winning software of its kind and you get it free with your Mosaic membership. And by the way, membership is really low cost.

Once your membership is in place, you are free to build the school improvement picture of your choice, secure in the knowledge that it all connects easily and gives you the information you need about your own ‘big picture’.

So just to be clear, you can pay thousands of pounds for a software licence or you can get the only award winning software of its kind at our really low costs.

Find out more about how our different services can streamline your school improvement processes and help you see the big picture.
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