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Everyone needs support but they don’t all necessarily need the same level of support. As you'll know different people learn in different ways.

Part of our thinking in creating Mosaic is that each school should be free to choose the type of support they prefer and how much of it they take.

Already a Customer?

Then simply login to access your online support or contact us on 0845 4900 447 to speak to one of our helpful and experienced support staff.

Tailored to you

Our experience of working with thousands of professionals in education helps us understand how we can best support schools and we have created a menu of all the options available to you.

Possibly the most important of these is the Start Up Meeting. This enables us to get to know you a little better, understand where you want to get to, the way you work and the challenges you face. This enables us to make some recommendations for how you might achieve your goals and how we might help you.

Other options include remote training & support, in school training, Managed Services (we do the admin for you), remote reviews and Inspection Stress Testing which helps to ensure you are always ready for when the call comes.

Whatever your support needs are, Mosaic gives you the flexibility to create the programme you need and keep control of the finances.

Telephone Support

Whether you've just got a quick question or are looking to start from scratch, telephone is the quickest, easiest and most immediate form of support available to everyone.

Our team will be more than happy to hear from your nominated point of contact or in fact any member of staff within your school. No job is too big or too small, and I promise we've already heard every possible question and are more than happy to help.

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In School Support

Our experienced trainers are in high demand as our in school training has become an incredibly popular way of making significant & speedy progress with implementing and developing schools use of our software.

Sometimes you may just want someone there with you, so of course we offer in school support as well where we can help you tackle bigger jobs and achieve more!
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We will tailor your training to your precise needs and can deliver beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of training to your different teams. Even the entire school, if you want.


Collectively our staff have more than 90 years experience in supporting school in achieving their improvement goals. 

Based on our intensive knowledge from working with thousands of school leaders we offer our schools the ability to tap into that experience with focussed consultative training on Self-Evaluation, Development Planning, Performance Management, Managing Professional Development and wider School Improvement strategies.

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For further information on any of these courses please contact the support office directly on 0845 4900 447.

Managed Service

The burden of school improvement administration is often seen as a necessary evil, one that is driven by demands from on high and the endless pursuit of improved performance. In truth, it often gets in the way.
We can help you overcome this and free up your time for more important things.
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Think about the huge volume of information, reports & analyses you need when discussing, planning and evaluating your performance processes. Add to that the burden of being fully prepared for inspection or reporting to Trustees & Governors.

Now consider all of the work it takes you to get there – everything associated with Performance Appraisal, updating Development Plans & Action Plans, recording Lesson Observations and trying to evidence the impact of CPD. Think about all the paperwork & spreadsheets, chasing people to update their areas of responsibility and collating & preparing information for meetings and analyses.

Of course, administration needs to be done but it doesn’t have to be you who does it. That’s what we do in Managed Services - we administer your school improvement processes.

We help you to restore your work life balance, enhance the quality of your information and bring about whole school improvement through meaningful information and analyses.

In practical terms, we can interact directly with your staff, request & receive information from them, ensure everything is recorded in the right place in our award winning school improvement management system and deliver to you professionally packaged reports containing all the information & analyses – whatever you tell us you need to make your job easier. We can even bring our experience of working with other schools to help you and your team to develop good practice.

We can engage with you as often as you wish throughout the school year or we can just help out with a short term project. For example, we could help you to manage & record Performance Reviews & Objectives or we could continue through the year helping staff to update their evaluation & evidence all the way through to appraisal the following year.

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