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Still the only BETT Award Winning

School Improvement Software,

Solutions and Support.

Choose the best, most comprehensive package to support and empower your staff.

Long regarded as the best and most comprehensive school improvement management software, we help to facilitate your Whole School Self-Evaluation, School Development Planning, Performance Appraisals, Observations and Professional Development; all through one centralised platform.

Take a step forward from outdated paper-based systems or restrictive Office documents and explore the potential Bluewave Mosaic can offer to streamline, connect and evolve your processes.

Designed by Headteachers, used by Headteacher.

BETT Award Winning School Improvement Software.

Break out of the Box!

Take a fresh look at the way you purchase software and support.

Utilising our award-winning software at its low entry level cost we allow each school to build a custom package of various support options and content solutions to address the needs of your school. No longer accept the assumed level of support that providers impose and maintain longer after it's no longer needed. With our new approach you only pay for the support you want or need.

A One-Stop-Shop for all your expert written audits, action plans and professional development.

Plug in to our network of expert authors and consultants. Each one hand selected to provide their expertise and guidance on the hot topics of school improvement. Whether you're looking at ways to identify emerging leaders, manage behaviour or maximising the impact of teaching assistants, to name but a few, we have the solution for you.

Don't be limited to your local suppliers, tap into our national network and receive direct feedback and support via your Mosaic Membership.

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