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Integrated School Improvement software and solutions

All your school improvement processes in one place


Mosaic by Bluewave contains the leading and only BETT award winning School Improvement Software product of its kind, Bluewave SWIFT - giving teachers and leaders the framework to reach their highest potential, while giving back time and peace of mind for a healthy work-life balance.


Having been developed with educational professionals across the UK and overseas, Mosaic is recognised as the best option for school leaders seeking integration & visibility of their school improvement processes, and for those looking to embed robust development & accountability measures across their organisation.

School Self Evaluation & Reporting


Mosaic's Evaluation reports enable schools to create, distribute and analyse a suite of self-evaluation frameworks for use across the organisation as a whole – including Multi Academy Trusts & Teaching School Alliances – or for use as a professional development programme for individual members of staff.


Each school can create their own bespoke reports based upon their individual needs and priorities and they can make use of the numerous templates that are available including the current Ofsted Common Inspection framework, Financial Value Standards, Safeguarding, Governance, Behaviour and the Pupil Premium. Schools can even share frameworks and collaborate to create new ones which can be shared across their own network.

School Development Planning


Schools can create any number of development plans or action plans for any priority, subject or team. The ‘vision’ can be shared, delivering a clear, accessible and simple structure for the collection of all contributions, evidence and evaluation. The various reports & analyses can be produced for colleagues across the school, the Trust if applicable and they can even be shared with other schools and improvement partners.


Additional project management tools and reminders are also accessible to ensure everything runs ‘perfectly’ to plan.

Performance Management


With rising levels of accountability in schools, assessing the performance of an individual is no longer just an annual meeting to discuss targets for the upcoming year. Senior leaders must adopt an holistic approach to ensure fair, transparent and evidenced based pay decisions are made. At the same time, it is important to empower individuals and to recognise that performance is dependent upon professional development.


Bluewave is the first provider to streamline the integration of Appraisal, Lesson Observations, Professional Standards, Career Stage Expectations, Professional Development and Pay Progression for all members of the school community by adopting the ‘Portfolio’ approach. The Portfolio includes all conventional elements of performance appraisal but also enables each school to create their own unique Portfolio structure by adding aspects of performance other schools might not use.


Progress is easily identified, as are strengths & areas for development, by utilising the analysis & reporting function. From offering support to an individual member of staff to understanding the key strengths across hundreds of schools, the analyses & reports function provides the most ‘information rich’ view possible, all at the click of a button.

Continuing Professional Development


Our award winning school improvement software enables a ‘top down’ and a ‘bottom up’ approach to Professional Development planning. CPD activities can be created centrally within the school or across the whole organisation and people can be assigned to attend. Similarly, individual members of staff can record their own CPD needs and can request activities of their own making thus empowering the individual and encouraging ownership and responsibility for professional development.


‘Evidencing the impact of CPD’ has always been a challenge for schools. However, Bluewave has created a unique method of achieving this and it’s much easier than you might think. The end result, available at the click of a button, is evidence based evaluation of all CPD activities which in turn informs a ready-made ‘value for money’ report. These same reports can be used to deliver Quality Assurance of CPD providers thus ensuring the school makes informed decisions about CPD budgets.




With schools moving ever closer to a more collaborative model, Bluewave has developed a better way of working, meeting the needs of groups of schools who require heightened visibility across a number of organisations.


Quite simply, we have always seen the school as being an organisation made up of a number of individual people; those people come together in teams, those teams join together to become a school – and schools work together to become clusters, Multi Academy Trusts or simply a group with a common aim.


Collaboration is more than sharing email addresses or CPD content. True collaboration means working together, sharing practice, supporting each other in times of need and building capacity together. And achieving this when your colleagues are hundreds of miles away is where we can help.


Because we have created the most intelligent platform for managing school improvement, we are best placed to provide you with the platform for collaborating with anyone, anywhere.

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