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Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Package

Working in conjunction with Seven Hills, experts in Health & Wellbeing in the workplace, Bluewave Education is offering an online end-to-end solution to aid your school in improving the Mental Health and Wellbeing of all staff within your school community.


This issue is a major concern for all within the education profession and recent headlines demonstrate how important this is.

 It seems that every day there is a news story about this crisis within education.

"Schools paid more than £820 million on supply & cover in 2015"

"75% of teachers say the profession is negatively affecting their mental health”

“Teacher suicide rates double!”

“Over 50% of teachers plan to leave the profession in the next 5 years”

About the Author – Barry Wood, Managing Director, Seven Hills

Barry knew from a young age that he wanted to be a teacher. Teaching was his passion and he was excited to embark upon his educational career. As his career progressed and Barry moved into a middle leadership position, he began to feel that the mental health & wellbeing of staff was very low on the list of priorities for many establishments. After 11 years in the profession, Barry made the difficult decision to leave teaching. Barry is not alone. 

Sadly, with increasing accountability, seemingly never ending new initiatives and a poor work-life balance - the situation looks set to get worse before it gets better.

Barry wanted to make a positive difference and formed a partnership with Bluewave in 2017. Together with a number of expert contributors including industry specialists in mental health, business consultants, human resource experts and cognitive therapy psychologists, we have created a suite of products designed to help schools combat this worrying trend.

Select any of the support below and you will be directed to the checkout to complete your purchase. Once complete, we will be in touch within two working days to get you up and running.
It's as easy as that.

Purchase the full end-to-end solution (excluding on-site CPD) from Evaluation Framework to Action Plans with remote support.

  • Evaluation Framework
  • Challenge Review (Remote Service - 3 hours)
  • 11 Projects/Action Plans
  • Strategic Support (Remote Service - 5 hours)
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Mosaic Members £630 + VAT

Non Members £1200 + VAT

Evaluation Framework (Online)

Assess how your school caters for the Mental Health & Wellbeing of staff. Answer a series of challenging and insightful questions designed to highlight the strengths within your school practice and to uncover any shortcomings in your current provision (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

Challenge Review (Remote)

Following on from completing the Evaluation Framework, you can invite a Seven Hills expert to review your content to offer guidance, advice and challenge (Remote Service - 3 hours).

Projects & Action Plans (Online) - Buy all 11 projects or select from below

Once you have assessed your areas of strength and those requiring further development, targeted projects & action plans are available which include embedded quality resources and suggested measures for success. Each Project relates to a specific area of the Evaluation Framework enabling you to take only the projects you need (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Mosaic Members £95 + VAT

Non Members £250 + VAT

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Mosaic Members £130 + VAT

Non Members £285 + VAT

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Mosaic Members £275 + VAT

Non Members £950 + VAT

Cost per Project: Mosaic Members £25 + VAT - Non Members £95 + VAT

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Project 1: Mental Health

To improve awareness of the impact of mental health and stress for staff, highlighting the symptoms and causes and removing the stigma.

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Project 2: Mental Health

To provide the correct culture/environment to support staff suffering with mental health issues.

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Project 3: Healthy Eating

To provide staff with the information, knowledge and environment to make healthy nutritious choices that will fuel them for a full day's teaching.

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Project 4: Physical Health

To provide the information and environment for staff to make informed decisions about improving their physical health.

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Project 5: Team Cohesion

To provide the framework linking individuals, subject areas and SLT to create a strong team cohesion throughout the school. 

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Project 6: Social Team Cohesion

To provide the environment and framework for a more socially strong workforce that is supportive and works cohesively to achieve common goals. 

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Project 7: Workload Management

Create a whole school workload policy that is constructive to staff health and wellbeing, as well as whole school productivity and progression

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Project 8: School Environment

To create a school environment where teachers feel safe and protected to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

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Project 9: CPD Whole School

To create a long-term plan for CPD that incorporates the pupils, staff and whole school priorities and which leads to a progressive environment. 

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Project 10: Individual Staff CPD

To create a supportive environment that allows all staff regardless of level the opportunity to progress in their career.

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Project 11: Absence Management

Ensuring there is a staff orientated, simple and effective absence management procedure; which utilises simple communication pathways and structured return to work platforms.

Strategic Support (Remote)

As with the Challenge Review, invite a Seven Hills Consultant to assess the ongoing progress of your Projects & Action Plans. This remote service ensures costs are kept down and delivers the most relevant guidance, advice and, where appropriate, links to further support. This service can be purchased in blocks of time (5, 10, 15 hours), as appropriate.

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5 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £200 + VAT, Non Members £475+ VAT

10 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £375 + VAT, Non Members £950+ VAT

15 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £550 + VAT, Non Members £1425+ VAT

Professional Development

Seven Hills offer a number of CPD programmes designed to help you deal with the issues raised.


Contact them directly to discuss your needs and find out more:

Visit their website by clicking here

T: 0114 2663643


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