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David Livsey - Open Minds Associates & Mark Turner - Motivational Maps UK

David Livsey is the Managing Director of Open Minds Associates and co-founder of the Leadership Insight Suite of programmes. These programmes have received praise and accolades from across the Regions.

These leadership development programmes recognise the importance and provide opportunities, time and resources for individuals to be aware of their own and others’ needs. They demonstrate how a rigorous self-assessment process can provide evidence of where someone ‘is’, and puts in place a route to lift them to the next level of IMPACT LEADERSHIP.

Education Matters Publication.  Excellence in Leadership & Management Publication.

Previously, David was a Primary Headteacher with fourteen years’ experience and two successful Ofsted reports. He has a passion for Learning & Teaching and completed his Education Diploma and Master’s Degree at Nottingham University. 


In addition, he has worked as a Lead Facilitator for the National College of School Leadership on a range of programmes including EHP, NPQH, LftM and Established Leaders.  His QA reports confirm his exceptional strengths and interests as a trainer, coach and mentor.


He is also an External Adviser for Performance Management (since 2007) and Interim Leader (for CEA). In this last position, he supported the Local Authority as a Primary Adviser for Kingston upon Hull, with a focus on raising attainment across 12 schools.

Mark Turner is a Director of Motivational Maps (Education) Ltd.  Formerly, Mark was Director of Studies at Warwick Preparatory School with the responsibility for learning, teaching and staff performance and development.  He has a passionate belief that everybody has the right to succeed.

Mark has worked as an independent schools’ inspector, and as an associate consultant with the IAPS.  Currently Mark works with school leaders, staff and pupils to create effective staff inclusion, professional leadership development and inspiring learning environments based on the specific needs of all students.

Mark is recognised as a leading expert in the field of motivational leadership, engagement and recruitment, specialising in, well-being, effective staff performance management and appraisal systems.

He delivers this through meeting the motivational needs of staff, supporting pupil pastoral systems and learning opportunities by creating in pupils and mentors, high levels of self reflection and awareness leading to the presentation of focussed, personal learning opportunities.

Mark’s clients include the Institute of Education, various academies, and senior leaders at a number of top independent preparatory and senior schools.  Mark’s also works with the public sector and with SMEs, including Barnsley, Wakefield and Northumberland District Councils, Fulcum (formerly part of British Gas) and the Akabusi Trust.

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