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Identifying Emerging Leaders

With one in four Headteachers due to retire in the next four years, the school system faces a succession challenge to secure enough high quality headteachers to replace them. Planning today for what tomorrow brings is key to the long-term success of  any organisation.

Let us help you to put the building blocks in place to ensure a clear and transparent system for nurturing future school leaders.​

Evaluation Framework (Online)

Assess how your school caters for Identifying Emerging Leaders. Answer a series of challenging and insightful questions designed to highlight the strengths within your school practice and to uncover any shortcomings in your current provision (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Mosaic Members £95 + VAT

Non Members £120+ VAT

Challenge Review (Remote)

Following on from completing the Evaluation Framework, you can invite the experts to review your content to offer guidance, advice and challenge (Remote Service - 3 hours).

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Mosaic Members £130 + VAT

Non Members £160 + VAT

Projects & Action Plans (Online)
Buy all 15 projects or select from below

Once you have assessed your areas of strength and those requiring further development, targeted projects & action plans are available which include embedded quality resources and suggested measures for success. Each Project relates to a specific area of the Evaluation Framework enabling you to take only the projects you need (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Mosaic Members £375 + VAT

Non Members £450 + VAT

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Cost per Project: Mosaic Members £25 + VAT - Non Members £30 + VAT

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Project 1: Induction of New Teaching Staff

To develop and implement succession planning processes which identify Emerging Leaders within the first two terms of their appointment.

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Project 2:  Professional Development Plans

To ensure all new appointees are aware of the school’s commitment to on-going individual professional development.

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Project 3: Creating Mentor Partnerships

To ensure all identified Emerging Leaders are paired with a Mentor with experience of a Leadership role within the school.

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Project 4: Performance Indicators 

To ensure that leadership expectations and entitlements are transparent and agreed as an informal ‘contract’ of actions

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Project 5: Interview Process & Procedures

To ensure that individual recruitment strategies are honed towards identifying, securing future leaders; with an emphasis on team development strategies.

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Project 6: Embedding Coaching Principles & Ideologies 

To ensure that previous mentor strategies & coaching training is promoted as part of an Emerging Leaders professional development.

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Project 7: Leadership Opportunities

To create an innovative structure of job shadowing & secondments to SLT/Governor meetings in order to raise the awareness of the importance of strategic actions at a senior level.

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Project 8: Empirical Research and Pedagogic Development

To ensure an Emerging Leader has the challenge and support to develop a specialism in learning and teaching in order to become a lead practitioner; recognised both within and beyond the immediate classroom setting.

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Project 9: A Framework to Retain & Develop Future Leaders 

To develop an agreed framework to challenge and support an Emerging Leader’s whole-school impact

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Project 10: To Refocus Interviews with a Leadership Perspective

To improve the format of interviews and review interview strategies

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Project 11: To Promote Differentiated Training Opportunities

To improve the balance of generic training targets for all staff and individual professional needs.

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Project 12: Linking Pupil Progress Targets to Leadership Planning

To develop a framework that links Leadership Development with the ‘raising attainment’ agenda

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Project 13: Transition from Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Standards to the National Teacher Standards

To ensure there is a smooth transition from initial Teacher Training (ITT) standards to the National teacher standards.

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Project 14: Prioritising Continual Professional Development 

To ensure that new leaders place a high priority on continual professional development.

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Project 15: Extending Network Opportunities

To develop opportunities for emerging leaders to extend their leadership development beyond their own schools.

Strategic Support (Remote)

As with the Challenge Review, invite the experts to assess the ongoing progress of your Projects & Action Plans. This remote service ensures costs are kept down and delivers the most relevant guidance, advice and, where appropriate, links to further support. This service can be purchased in blocks of time (5, 10, 15 hours), as appropriate.

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5 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £200 + VAT, Non Members £260 + VAT

10 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £375 + VAT, Non Members £470 + VAT

15 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £550 + VAT, Non Members £680 + VAT

Professional Development

Open Minds Associates offer a number of CPD programmes designed to help you deal with the issues raised.


Contact them directly to discuss your needs and find out more:


T: +44 (0)1789 842929

    +44 (0)7530 838344


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Mosaic Members £720 + VAT

Non Members £891 + VAT

Purchase the full end-to-end solution (excluding on-site CPD) from Evaluation Framework to Action Plans with remote support for a 10% discount.

  • Evaluation Framework
  • Challenge Review (Remote Service - 3 hours)
  • 15 Projects/Action Plans
  • Strategic Support (Remote Service - 5 hours)
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