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Abigail Clay, Director, Cosain Consulting

I am very pleased to be working alongside Bluewave to provide a supportive framework in an accessible format for school leaders.  This critical element of school's responsibilities can seem daunting. Hopefully this framework will enable schools to readily identify their many strengths and access support for any areas of development. 

Abigail Clay, Director, Cosain Consulting is an internationally respected expert in the increasingly challenging and complex world of Safeguarding, and especially the Government’s Prevent strategy.

Abigail specialises in assisting school, college and university leaders in addition to the wider public sector with their Safeguarding and Prevent strategies and procedures. Using in-depth knowledge of the varied and complicated demands of safeguarding children and vulnerable people, she works with senior managers to develop robust and effective policies to meet their institution’s individual needs.

She has achieved ‘outstanding’ recognition from Ofsted through inspection for creating and implementing a range of policies and effective solutions in equality and diversity, Prevent and achievements in Safeguarding.  She has worked with, among others, the Nordic Council on pan-European efforts to counter radicalisation through education. She is also a Stonewall training partner, in collaboration with NASS, and serves as an independent visitor for residential children’s homes in the UK.

Abigail is a recognised leader in her specialist field.  She has delivered keynote speeches and workshop presentations at regional, national and European conferences on key subjects of:

  • Prevent

  • Safeguarding

  • Healthy relationships

  • Equality and diversity

  • Student engagement

  • Partnership working

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