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As a school, Safeguarding is something that you cannot afford to get wrong.


Whether it is compliance, process, procedure or staff training; it is a huge challenge and all schools need practical help.

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Evaluation Framework (Online)

Assess how your school caters for the Safeguarding of Students. Answer a series of challenging and insightful questions designed to highlight the strengths within your school practice and to uncover any shortcomings in your current provision (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Mosaic Members £95 + VAT

Non Members £120 + VAT

Challenge Review (Remote)

Following on from completing the Evaluation Framework, you can invite the experts to review your content to offer guidance, advice and challenge (Remote Service - 3 hours).

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Mosaic Members £130 + VAT

Non Members £160 + VAT

Projects & Action Plans (Online)
Buy all 8 projects or select from below

Once you have assessed your areas of strength and those requiring further development, targeted projects & action plans are available which include embedded quality resources and suggested measures for success. Each Project relates to a specific area of the Evaluation Framework enabling you to take only the projects you need (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Mosaic Members £200 + VAT

Non Members £240 + VAT

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Cost per Project: Mosaic Members £25 + VAT - Non Members £30 + VAT

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Project 1: Whole School Approach

To ensure that there is a robust, whole school approach to Safeguarding

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Project 2: Governors

To develop the role of Governors to ensure that they are confident in their knowledge and awareness relating to the management of safeguarding

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Project 3: Management

To ensure that the full SLT understand their role in Safeguarding and that the monitoring of safeguarding is robust and supports the development of the approach of the school.

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Project 4: IT monitoring and filtering

To ensure that the filtering and monitoring of IT are robust and effective

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Project 5: Prevent

To ensure that the school has a well-developed and robust process which facilitates compliance regarding the Prevent Duty

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Project 6: Complaints

To ensure that the school has a clear and transparent approach to listening to the views of pupils and parents which contributes to the continuous improvement of the school community and ensures any concerns are managed in a timely, thorough and appropriate manner.

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Project 7: Site Safety

To ensure that the school has a robust approach to site safety to maximise opportunities to improve safety for its pupils and staff.

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Project 8: Curriculum

To ensure that the school maximises opportunities through the curriculum to raise issues with pupils to develop resilient, self-assured, respectful and considerate pupils who are clear about how to keep themselves and others safe.

Strategic Support (Remote)

As with the Challenge Review, invite the experts to assess the ongoing progress of your Projects & Action Plans. This remote service ensures costs are kept down and delivers the most relevant guidance, advice and, where appropriate, links to further support. This service can be purchased in blocks of time (5, 10, 15 hours), as appropriate.

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5 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £200 + VAT, Non Members £260 + VAT

10 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £375 + VAT, Non Members £470 + VAT

15 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £550 + VAT, Non Members £680 + VAT

Professional Development

Cosain Consulting Ltd offer a number of CPD programmes designed to help you deal with the issues raised.


Contact them directly to discuss your needs and find out more:

T: 07734 955694



Twitter: @Abigailnaomic

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Mosaic Members £562.50 + VAT

Non Members £702.00 + VAT

Purchase the full end-to-end solution (excluding on-site CPD) from Evaluation Framework to Action Plans with remote support for a 10% discount.

  • Evaluation Framework
  • Challenge Review (Remote Service - 3 hours)
  • 8 Projects/Action Plans
  • Strategic Support (Remote Service - 5 hours)
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