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A whole school approach to Wellbeing


Growing evidence supports a whole school approach to the promotion of Emotional Wellbeing.

Evidence shows that mental health initiatives in schools can lead to significant improvements in children’s mental health, social and emotional skills, and reductions in classroom misbehaviour, anxiety, depression and bullying. Meanwhile, as discussed above, focusing on the wellbeing of students has also proven to be beneficial for a school’s academic output. Overall, 'whole school

approaches' are most effective in promoting wellbeing and good mental health. These approaches can improve staff and pupil wellbeing, and have a positive impact on the prevention and reduction of mental health problems across school populations. Indeed, Ofsted has identified a strong correlation between schools that achieved a high grade for personal, social, health and economic education and those that were graded outstanding for overall effectiveness.

Evaluation Framework (Online)

Assess how your school caters for the wellbeing of Staff and Students. Answer a series of challenging and insightful questions designed to highlight the strengths within your school practice and to uncover any shortcomings in your current provision (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Challenge Review (Remote)

Following on from completing the Evaluation Framework, you can invite the Max Coates to review your content to offer guidance, advice and challenge (Remote Service - 3 hours).

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Mosaic Members £130 + VAT

Non Members £160 + VAT

Projects & Action Plans (Online)
Buy all 8 projects or select from below

Once you have assessed your areas of strength and those requiring further development, targeted projects & action plans are available which include embedded quality resources and suggested measures for success. Each Project relates to a specific area of the Evaluation Framework enabling you to take only the projects you need (includes access for up to 2 users for 24 months).

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Cost per Project: Mosaic Members £25 + VAT - Non Members £30 + VAT

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Project 1: Protocols for Wellbeing

To ensure that appropriate, contemporary and relevant selections of protocols/policies in regard to wellbeing are in place and regularly updated

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Project 2: Wellbeing Review Meetings

To establish and develop a process for the review of well-being within the school/academy.

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Project 3: Staff Support

To provide a comprehensive support package to all staff facing significant points of transition, personal challenge or under performance.

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Project 4: Structured Exit Interviews

To understand the reason(s) that staff are leaving the school, so that good practice may be reinforced and issues addressed.

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Project 5: A Place of Safety

To develop a whole school/academy approach to ensure that as many areas of the learning and movement context are safe.

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Project 6: Age Relevant Content

To define the core content and associated skills for a wellbeing curriculum and implement across the main curriculum.

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Project 7: Mental Health Awareness

To raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues.

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Project 8: Coaching

To develop coaching within the school/academy for both staff and peer coaches.

Strategic Support (Remote)

As with the Challenge Review, invite Dr. Max Coates to assess the ongoing progress of your Projects & Action Plans. This remote service ensures costs are kept down and delivers the most relevant guidance, advice and, where appropriate, links to further support. This service can be purchased in blocks of time (5, 10, 15 hours), as appropriate.

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5 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £200 + VAT, Non Members £260 + VAT

10 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £375 + VAT, Non Members £470  + VAT

15 Hours of Strategic Support - Mosaic Members £550 + VAT, Non Members £680 + VAT

Professional Development

Dr. Max Coates offers a number of CPD programmes designed to help you deal with the issues raised.


Contact him directly to discuss your needs and find out more:

T: 07828 092888


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Mosaic Members £562.50 + VAT

Non Members £702.90 + VAT

Purchase the full end-to-end solution (excluding on-site CPD) from Evaluation Framework to Action Plans with remote support for a 10% discount.

  • Evaluation Framework
  • Challenge Review (Remote Service - 3 hours)
  • 8 Projects/Action Plans
  • Strategic Support (Remote Service - 5 hours)
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