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Identifying Emerging Leaders

How good is your school at spotting talent and honing the skills of able and ambitious colleagues?

What support do you have in place for those hoping to head into leadership?

With more schools struggling to recruit and retain teachers, it has never been more important for schools to nurture the talented individuals that show capability and desire to move into leadership. 

The consultant taught me how to identify motivational traits, then helped me to refine my coaching skills to develop each individual to build an effective team.... Read More


Mandy Pickles


Identifying those who have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders is a complex, time consuming and highly skilled job. A job which many of the current cohort of Headteachers simply do not have the time to do.

Identifying and supporting new teachers coming in to the profession is an essential strategy for every school. The statistics are shocking.….’almost 4 out of 10 teachers quit within a year of qualifying, with 11,000 leaving the profession before they have really begun their career and record numbers of those who remain giving up mid-career.


ATL 2015     

This is why we have worked with our partners at Open Minds Associates to produce an end-to-end solution aimed at practically helping today’s Headteachers identify and retain the next generation of school leaders.

Begin by assessing your current practice by working through our Evaluation Framework; answering insightful and challenging questions designed to help you reflect upon your school’s circumstances. Engage with our experts, who will offer independent advice as well as support and challenge. Work through a series of actions plans, carefully put together to guide you in becoming a more dynamic, informed organisation who can identify emerging leaders and coach them until they are ready to fulfil their potential.

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