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Inspection Stress Tests

Inspection Stress Tests (IST) are designed to help you be as ready as you can be for inspections. Reviewing your information in our award-winning software package, we will report back to you against a set of pre-defined criteria gained during the IST Planning Meeting.

Our team are uniquely positioned to support schools to produce the streamlined, professional management information packs that inspectors love to see during their inspection visit.


This service is made up of three parts:

  • IST Planning Meeting

  • ‘Always Ready?’ review

  • Emergency Support package.

As part of our Inspection Stress Test service we meet with you and your team to identify and agree your requirements in preparation for inspection. During this Planning Meeting, we aim to understand in great detail what information you would want in your hands to be able to go into the inspection process with confidence.

We will provide you with a document which sets out in detail the requirements from the Planning meeting. This will determine what we ‘stress test’ when we review your information.


Our ‘Always Ready?’ review involves our team conducting an in-depth investigation of your information to feedback on the completeness of your information and any gaps in your evidence base. Common oversights in demonstrating progress and the inherent logic and linking of your school improvement processes can also be identified to help you confident justify the progress and impact of your leadership direction.

We recommend that a school takes one ‘Always Ready?’ review per term if your anticipating the telephone call but these can of course be arranged to suit your needs. You can take more or less and schedule them as you wish.


Our Emergency pack offers you the reassurance that should the inspectors call at 4pm on a Tuesday, we’ll be here to help you produce all the agreed reports in time for the following morning.

Of course, this is a premium service as it can mean a few late nights for our team but having that additional support during a time of extreme pressure can often be invaluable.

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Inspection Stress Tests please

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