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Views on how to ensure your school's CPD programme is effective

A recent roundtable saw headteachers debating how schools can ensure their approaches to CPD are effective. Keith Wright and David Weston discuss the advice that came out of the debate.

All school leaders want their teachers to have good-quality CPD that develops them as individuals and makes a measurable and significant contribution to school improvement. That’s the ideal, but a number of challenges – some long-standing, some new – are getting in the way for many secondary schools.

There are new pressures such as the introduction of performance-related pay, which links professional development for the first time to reward and career progression. Budgets are still tight and then there is Ofsted looking ever closer at how senior leaders use performance management and self-evaluation to focus CPD activities. Exactly how schools achieve this CPD ideal was the central question for us when we met with school leaders for a roundtable event in London more

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