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Clear and common goals needed for performance-related pay

Relying too heavily on the generalised Teacher Standards could be a mistake in the move to performance-related pay, says Keith Wright.

Performance-related pay (PRP) is one of the biggest shifts in the pay and career structure of the teaching profession in history. As revolutions in the state education system go, this one is taking place with government sitting firmly in the back seat. School leaders are expected to take loose frameworks and guidelines and put flesh to the bones.

The task for schools has been to establish how they will determine pay rises, but this challenge has been compounded by the huge changes within the Teacher Standards. Previously, the standards detailed five levels of teaching grades – qualified teacher status, core, post-threshold, excellent teacher, and advanced skills teacher – with the core level alone containing a total of 41 teacher standards. These were drastically reduced in September 2012 and schools were left to decide on the more

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